InCytu develops anticancer immunotherapies that use the patient's own immune system to selectively target and destroy tumor cells.

Capable of harnessing and amplifying natural processes in situ, our breakthrough Cellarium™ technology is an intelligent biopolymer device placed under the skin which attracts... educates... manipulates... and locally re-delivers specific, functionally optimized and physiologically correct immune cells.

Driven by patient and clinician need and enabled by a seasoned management team...


Our technology provides the platform for both our own product development and our partnerships with other companies; our products will provide the future of cancer immunotherapy.


With demonstrated pipeline applications in the modulation of the immune system and regeneration of damaged and diseased tissue, InCytu plays an important role in the future of personalized medicine. Learn more about InCytu or contact us for more information.


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February 04, 2010
Testing Elixir
November 26, 2009
BBC News
November 26, 2009
Cancer Vaccine Implant
InCytu Inc
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